Guide to Automatic Pool Covers

When it comes to maintaining your pool, pool covers are essential. Manual and automatic pool covers can help to increase pool safety, keep your pool cleaner, and make it generally more easy to maintain. Why Use A Pool Cover? There are so many benefits to using a swimming pool cover, automatic or not: * They help to keep the heat inside your pool, * Help prevent evaporation, * Reduce the amount of chemicals you'll need to use in the pool, * Keep out dirt and debris, * They help improve safety by stopping people falling in, * They save money, * Help reduce maintenance, * And are easy to use! Manual Vs. Automatic Pool Covers Automatic pool covers are generally a lot more easy to use, and can be put on and off very quickly. However, the main drawback is the fact that they are more expensive, and they're usually only designed to fit certain standard pool sizes. Manual pool covers are a lot cheaper and a better option for pools with unique shapes and designs. You could compromise by opting for a semi-automatic pool cover. This doesn't use a battery or motor, but you'll need to turn a key to make it run. Not as easy as flipping a switch, but still a convenient option. Types Of Automatic Cover When buying a new cover for your pool, you'll generally choose between a few main types. The first is attached to the sides of the pool using runners. They are good at keeping dirt and debris out of the pool, but can end up collecting water in bad weather. You'll need to get rid of this water before the cover can be opened. The second type of cover is made from slats of plastic to be rolled across the pool. These aren't as good as the runner pool covers at keeping out dirt, though the rain water doesn't sit on top of these covers - meaning they are a lot quicker to open up. Next you could opt for a solar cover, which are perfect for insulating the pool and keeping the heat inside. They help to reduce evaporation of the water in the pool, saving energy in the process. Choosing The Right Cover You'll need to decide on the type of pool cover that works best for your pool, based on the shape of your pool and the amount of money you're willing to spend. If you are interested in automatic pool covers, you can also choose between different types of motors and ways of concealing the cover once it's been opened. It's all a matter of personal taste, but remember not to scrimp in this area as a good quality pool cover will end up saving you a lot more than it cost in the long run.


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