Pool Cleaning Equipment Essentials

Although most of us enjoy swimming in our pools more than cleaning them, the truth is that pool cleaning equipment is essential to keeping it running smoothly and protecting the health of all swimmers. If you want to keep your pool in the best condition possible, then here are the essential items you'll need. Telescopic Pole These pool cleaning poles are vital when it comes to pool cleaning equipment, used in conjunction with many of the types of cleaning supplies listed in this article. They come in a variety of lengths so you can choose one to match your pool size. In short, they help you reach impossible areas. Without them, you'd have to get into the pool to clean it properly. Leaf Nets These are used to collect leaves both from the surface of the water or deep in the pool. Using these nets daily helps to keep your pool looking clear and attractive. More than this, however, leaf nets help you to get rid of leaves before they have the chance to decompose and leave bacteria in your pool. Brushes Over time, no matter what we do to prevent it, dirt is going to build up on the bottom surface of the pool. You can attach brush heads to your telescopic pole to help you reach the bottom while standing at the edge. Regular brushing can help prevent the build up of dirt and stains. Standard nylon pool brushes can be used without damaging the lining on your pool, though vinyl liner brushes are useful for scrubbing away stains. If it's algae you need to get rid of, then opt for a stainless steel algae brush. Other choices include brushes designed specifically for corners or pool walls. Vacuum Equipment Swimming pool vacuum heads are designed to connect to the telescopic pool and vacuum hoses. They are useful for use after brushing. Brushing loosens the dirt from the bottom of the pool, and the vacuum makes sure it's all been removed. This not only makes sure the water is cleaner, but stops the bottom surface of the pool from becoming too slippery for swimmers to stand on. Swimming Pool Chemicals It's essential to use chemicals alongside your pool cleaning equipment. The specifics of the chemicals you use will be left to another article, but in general you may need: * Chlorine, * Bromine, * Algaecide, * Shock, * pH balancing chemicals. Remember, making use of your pool cleaning equipment as regularly as possible will reduce the amount of work that needs to be done each time, and keep your pool in better condition.


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